Civil Engineering and Surveying for Housing Subdivisions, Home Sites, Commercial Sites
About Us

Dennis Alfredson, P.E., graduated from the University of Iowa in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Moved to Seattle after graduating, went to work for an engineering consulting firm downtown.   Later took a job at the Port of Seattle for eight years, where projects included redevelopment of Terminals 37, 46, and 18, among others.  Getting restless, left and went to work for consulting firms again.  There worked on projects such as school sites, the new I90 Issaquah interchange, Boeing plant improvements, and Army, Navy and Air Force projects.

Several years ago took a position as Manager of Development and Construction at a major plat developer.  Learned all about the development business, including the myriad rules, regulations, and processes.  Learned one thing in particular - the various jurisdictions each have their own similar, but different, ordinances, regulations, and emphases.

In 2005, started Plat and Site Civil Design, LLC.

On the King County Preferred Civil Engineer list.

For more information, send an email to or call (253) 334-6990

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